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Why Squarespace is the best web platform 99% of the time

...if you're part of the super-secret club. But more on that later.

Squarespace is simply the best mix of compromises in a web platform for most small-medium businesses in 2023 and likely beyond. 

Case Study: A Bottle or Two

A local wine seller needed an upgrade to their failing WordPress site that would help the communicate better with their clients. A souped-up Squarespace site gives them all the capabilities they need to do business their way.

Case Study: First Step Home

We helped First Step Home save mothers and their children by saving FSH from a Wix website.

version2 website and business update

Version2 has made some changes to the company website, changes to our business offerings, and changes to our hourly rate. Learn more.

Case Study: Visit Rush County Website

Friendly, Artistic, and Historic, Rush County Indiana wanted a website that would act as a hub for the variety of events and points of interest not just in Rushville, IN, but for the rest of the surrounding county. The catch is that it had to launch before the bicentennial celebration six weeks away.

Sandcastles and modularity on the web

Sometimes websites need to be replaced not because of their age, or technological changes, or changing tastes, or best practices. Sometimes the system you used to build a site is destroyed or "upgraded" to the point that what you have created... and what you rely on... is no longer tenable. 

If we accept that the Internet is a constantly changing whirlwind, what can we do to minimize the fallout?

Keep things as separate as you can. 

Case Study: Bridge Forward

How often do you get the opportunity to work on a project that could have a massive impact on the future of the city of Cincinnati?

Earth Day 2022

We're taking about efficiency this year! We have an update on solar powered web hosting and how an efficient approach (skipping the things you don't need) can lead to some truly elegant solutions!

Case Study: First View Sonography

Creating a logo, identity, and website for a nursing training startup.

WordPress is a Crime

WordPress is a bad decision for most businesses. Yet, the vast majority of web developers push WordPress on their clients. They should know better. WordPress developers either don’t know what they are doing or are knowingly pushing bad solutions onto their clients…which makes them crooks.