Case Study: First Step Home

It’s always rewarding to help businesses improve their online business tools, but sometimes you get to help people who are on a mission to do good and improve lives.  First Step home helps women turn their lives around and rebuild their lives for their families. It has been very rewarding to help such an organization.

Their previous site was built with Wix. Wix is a terrible web development platform. While it appears straight forward, it is needlessly complicated and labor intensive to make quality designs. The previous design was overwhelming with Extra-bold fonts, distracting backgrounds, and so many motivational quotes that finding information was difficult for site visitors.

A new logo and brand standards were created by our friends at The Think Shop. A simple logo, color pallet, and design elements made for a much cleaner presentation. 

Squarespace was selected as the web platform for its ease of maintenance, user interface, and extendibility. The ability to add custom code was essential as several third-party services needed to be added to the site. Notably, they utilize separate outside web services for client account management, instant messaging, job postings, form submissions, non-profit verification, and donations. All of these systems needed to be integrated via code injection or embedding code. 

Extensive CSS customization also made for a seamless design beyond what comes standard with Squarespace. Enhancements include navigation hover effects, multiple header buttons, custom placement of social links.

The result is a clean, effective, low maintenance website that integrates perfectly with their existing critical systems. 

fsh website

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