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We are thrilled to be acknowledged for all the hard work we put in for our clients!

Earth Day 2021

Computers, including the ones that make up the Internet, all run on electricity. Where that power comes from matters. Using the Internet responsibly matters too. But not just as a consumer of all things Internet.

The way we build things on the Internet matters too. Here's a look at some of the things that can be done in the physical construction of a website to make it perform better and be more ecofriendly at the same time.

Covid brings resurgence in non-mobile web traffic

About a year ago in February 2020 (the end of the before times) I gave a talk about web design trends. I think a lot of those trends are still true but there is a very interesting piece of data that’s worth mentioning.

Time, Technology, and Robots: 2021

Adobe Flash is officially dead dead.

Robots can dance now and hardly ever fall down stairs.

Actors now make movies in the holodeck.

2021 is already a mind-bending future-world. Buckle up!

New Brand! New Website! New Solutions!

A year in the making, the new Version2 is finally here!

Version2 is still a custom web studio, but now we have a few cool options for small budgets.

It's very exciting!

Case Study: KHI Food Brands

Under new ownership, KHI Food Brands needed a new look quickly.  An elevator Site was the prefect solution! 

Case Study: CJ Dog Trainer

Case study for the creation of a new logo and website for CJ Dog Trainer.

Case Study: Stout and Gallant

The redesign of the Stout and Gallant website was the prototype for the Elevator Site concept.

Introducing Elevator Site!

Elevator Site is the easy way to get a killer single-page site that's well built, mobile friendly, SSL protected, with quality hosting and access to a real-live web developer.

WordPress is an unacceptable risk

WordPress is forced on a lot of small businesses who have no idea what they are getting into: constant maintenance and stress.