Websites have to live somewhere.

We aren't a hosting company, but we take can care of it for our clients. Finding the right hosting can be tricky. We’ve seen hosting companies come and go and get gobbled up by bigger companies. While there are some tempting $5 per month hosting offers out there, you generally get what you pay for. We purchase reliable, high-performance hosting in bulk from good companies and then sell that for a reasonable price to our clients.  With Google placing more and more emphasis on site speed, you really can’t afford to have cheap hosting anymore. It’s also easier for us to maintain websites in a single environment. All of this provides value to our customers. Of course there are times when the hosting we provide is impractical for one of our clients. We’re happy to work with whatever system makes the most sense for our clients.

Baked In

Our budget-friendly option,, includes a monthly or annual hosting agreement that utilizes our first-class hosting option. It’s important to note that some of the platforms our clients ask us to use (Squarespace, Wix,, etc.) are essentially hosting platforms with built-in design/site management tools. We can’t be fluent in every site development platform out there, but we’ve dealt with most and are happy to help as much as we can.


For most projects, we offer standard Linux/php hosting at $17/month (when purchased annually). We offer other types of hosting (primarily Windows Server with ColdFusion) at rates comparable to the rest of the industry. 


We’ve recently discovered 100% true solar-powered hosting from AISIO. Many companies claim to be green, but they usually just buy carbon credits. AISIO is legit. They run their servers on 100% on-site produced solar power. If you’re in a business that could benefit from having a truly green website or if you just want to do your part to reduce fossil fuel use, then we can get you there.

Special Needs

While most websites today have fairly standard requirements, there are times when niche solutions are still the best fit. For example, we still support some systems built on Adobe ColdFusion. It’s still a robust and reliable platform. While we don't support every possible technology and platform (there are hundreds!), we may be able to help.