Case Study: A Bottle or Two

What a cool wine shop! We like companies that end in “two”. :)

A Bottle or Two was saddled with a crumbling WordPress site and looking for a better way to manage their online presence. The big issue is inventory. A Bottle or Two is a boutique shop that carries more than 700 varieties, but their inventory fluctuates daily. New items arrive and some sell out. They have a loyal client base that likes to be kept informed about what’s in stock.

We came up with two solutions. The simple option was to utilize a Google Sheet to list inventory availability and prices. A very slick way to use free, off the shelf tools to get the job done. But it didn’t have a key feature: the ability to browse the inventory and create a “shopping list.”

They elected to go with the second option: a robust modification of Squarespace eCommerce. Though custom code, version2 was able to convert the eCommerce capabilities into an inventory management and wishlist generator. The online store presentation is a huge advancement over a list of item names that comes from a spreadsheet. Items can be displayed in a responsive grid with photos and highlights for new arrivals. Pages can be loaded with specific varieties and then sorted by price or by when they arrived at the store. Best of all, the items can be saved to a list (normally the shopping cart) and sent to the shop via an email to be reserved for in-store pickup. The A Bottle or Two staff uses the handy inventory management features to make daily updates to their stock easy.... well, as easy as it can be to keep track of more than 700 items.

The design of the site uses the design of their previous WordPress site as a jumping off point. The design uses heavy condensed fonts for consistency of design, but really embraces their orange and cyan colors to make the site pop. This is especially true with an SVG swoop that separates the header from the rest of the page. The result is a better organized more dynamic site with tons of new features that will really help A Bottle or Two do business their way.

a bottle or two website

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