About Version Two

We’re not from the future. We just work there.

Version Two is a Cincinnati web design studio.

  • We build custom web-works from scratch.
  • We repair and update websites.
  • We create kick-ass solutions for all budgets.
  • We believe that every time we make a website, we also make a friend.

Our Name

Version2 isn’t just our name, it’s our mission. We help our clients take a giant leap forward—creating “version 2” of where they are today.

We help big businesses who need custom tools to improve the way they work.

We help small businesses who need something professional yet affordable.

We help our clients communicate online. It doesn't matter if goals are modest or ambitious, we do our homework, develop strategies, explore all the options, and build original works that satisfy their needs now and in the future.

Our History

Dan Johnson, founder of Version2, has been designing websites professionally since 1997. Our team has worked with a number of technologies, software, programming languages, and tools. We have built websites for small and big businesses, nonprofits, and government.  In short, no matter the message or technology, we help our clients get things done online.


We have been fortunate enough to work with a number of creative agencies over the years. We understand the importance of branding and design. We speak the language. If you're looking to extend your offerings onto the web, we'd love to work with you.


If you're ready to look into your future (or maybe just adapt to the present) we can help you get there.