Our Name

Version2 isn’t just our name, it’s our mission. We help our clients take a giant leap forward—creating “version 2” of where they are today.

We help big businesses who need custom tools to improve the way they work.

We help small businesses who need something professional yet easy to manage.

We’re not just about making pretty web pages. We help our clients reach their goals. It doesn't matter if the goals are modest or ambitious, we do our homework, develop strategies, explore all the options, and build original works that satisfy their needs now and in the future.

If you're ready to look into your future (or maybe just adapt to the present) we can help you get there.



Dan Johnson, founder of Version2, has been designing websites professionally for 20 years. Over that time, our team has worked with a number of technologies, software, programming languages, and tools. We have built websites for small and big businesses, nonprofits, and government. We’ve even built our own CMS, SiteTogether, which was designed to meet a very specific need. In short, no matter the message or technology, we help our clients get things done online.

Case Study: Reser Bicycle Outfitters

While ancient, (before smartphones!) this site used (or hacked) technology in a creative way. RBO, a local bike shop, had a shoestring budget but wanted to become a hub of information on local bike culture. We knew from experience that updating content had to be super easy or it wouldn’t get done at all.

We created several free accounts at blogger.com (as simple a blog can be) for the shop staff. It was easy for them to snap a photo of a bike and post a short review. The RSS feeds from the blog were captured and formatted by the site. We parsed the info into categories like news and equipment reviews to keep it well organized.


You need to have a plan for your business and for your project. First, know what you want to accomplish and to whom you are communicating.

Second, know how this project fits into the big picture of your business and your brand. You should know exactly what this project will do and how it connects to any other efforts.

We’ll ask these questions even when clients roll their eyes, because that’s how we make sure our projects exceed expectations.

Example: Planning Tools

Winging it can work but it’s way better to have a plan. Over the years, we’ve developed a suite of tools that help us create solutions to problems our clients may not know they have. Not all tools are necessary for every project, but they help us clearly define the goals, message, and tone of the project. Most importantly, they give us a set of rules to measure success and keep projects on track.


Define your message, design your presentation, but most importantly get it out there. We're not just web guys. Version2 has been helping businesses of all sizes with epic online marketing for decades with SEO, Google AdWords, and social media. We also integrate conventional marketing with online marketing tools to maximize the impact of your campaigns and maintain a unified brand experience.

Case Study: Landing-Page Generator

Wouldn’t it be nice to capitalize on marketing trends instantly? We saw this need for YMCAs and incorporated it into our SiteTogether product. SiteTogether already manages a ton of content about all the services that the Y offers. We leveraged this content to instantly create unique landing pages based on a key phrase. The phrase can be specific or general—generating pages about soccer, activities for seniors, social services, you name it. A page is instantly ready for a marketing campaign in AdWords, a social networking promotion, or even organic search efforts.


Most websites are built on a CMS these days. While that can make sense and we do use them, we prefer not to use the more popular CMS platforms. They often make things cumbersome, overly complex and frankly unstable. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a simple, responsive scratch-build. It keeps a website clean, fast, and optimized.

Technology changes. We’re always learning new stuff. While we do love us some ColdFusion, we know it’s not the only application layer out there. Besides, not all technology fits for all projects. Tell us what you want to do and we’ll find the technology that makes the most sense.

Case Study: SiteTogether

YMCAs have a ton of information to keep updated online. Most of this has to do with the hundreds of classes offered at each branch. Keeping all this information current is a huge job. Historically this information was only available in one place: the printed Program Guide. Gathering the info for this publication took months. The content would trickle in from dozens of staff members via emails, spreadsheets, and scraps of paper. SiteTogether turns this excruciating process into an advantage.

SiteTogether empowers all YMCA staff members to update their own information when they need to. A quick login and drill down, and they can enter the schedule for their next month of classes. Branch managers can upload pool schedules and post other updates. All of this happens without worry about “messing up” the website. There are dozens of other features too. If you're curious, please check it out.


We love to like our clients and we hope you’ll like (or maybe even love) working with us. We try to balance productivity with creativity and have a little bit of fun too. If this wasn’t any fun, we’d go work somewhere else...maybe start a goat farm...but I digress.

Our average client relationship is around a decade. A lot can happen over ten years—leadership changes, strategy changes, and sometimes it’s just a good idea to have some fresh eyes. When the time comes to part ways, we'll do it as friends. We’ve heard horror stories about web developers holding on to content or domain names. Frankly, we can’t conceive of that. You can always count on us to be straightforward and ethical. We will never try to cheat or steal or manipulate our clients into something they don’t need. Why? Because karma.

Case Study: Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky

It can be a healthy thing for businesses to switch agencies to get a fresh perspective. However, you also don’t have to fix something that isn’t broken. The site we built for Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky more than a decade ago is still going strong and looks more modern than most of their competitors' websites. A complete overhaul is in the works, In the meantime, we maintain this vintage site with updates.

We've also have the privilege to be technical consultants on a number of other projects including a secure, HIPAA-compliant email system and anonymous patient satisfaction surveys.

We value our clients and love our long relationships.

Let's get started on your version2.


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