About Version Two Web Design

We’re not from the future. We just work there.

Version2 is a Cincinnati web design agency.

Version2 isn’t just our name, it’s our mission. We help our clients take a giant leap forward—creating “version 2” of where they are today. We’ve discovered the universal truth that complacency leads to failure. You have to adapt. Web design is almost by definition a process of reinvention. We embrace it and bring the process of invention to our clients by developing fresh, effective approaches to their online presence.

We’ve learned we can make better, faster, more elegant solutions by writing code from scratch rather than trying to force a "standard" monster (like WordPress) onto our clients. But we don’t believe in pushing any specific technology either. You can count on us to make recommendations based on our experience and your specific situation. We use existing tools when possible so we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel and we always strive to create a solution that is easy for you to live with.

We also know that most people aren’t tech wizards. Unfortunately, most modern websites are bloated, high maintenance nightmares. Version2 is a Cincinnati web design agency dedicated to creating elegant, effective, low-maintenance solutions for our small-business clients. Version2 is a small shop with big skills. Experts on web communication, we distill your message to its essence and then craft a compelling marketing strategy that hits home. Campaigns can be big or small but you’ll get results, and a personal touch with version2.

The Version2 Philosophy

  1. If it isn’t stable, it isn’t worth it.
    Sites that require human maintenance should be avoided. The whole point of computers is to eliminate manual tasks. If you have to perform or pay for monthly maintenance, then something is wrong.

  2. Keep control with the client, and keep things separate.
    I’ve heard horror stories about companies that registered domains for clients, then kept their clients hostage. I also see it now when hosts offer a free domain… if you register through them or free email marketing... if you’re tied into their hosting. We strongly suggest to our clients that they keep ownership of their web assets and try not to bundle things that would inhibit their ability to extract themselves.

  3. Start simple.
    So many web designers think they can fix bad, bloated code with a caching plugin or Cloudflare. These are horrible lazy practices. Clean, simple, well-organized code creates sites that load faster, are more SEO friendly, and more accessible. They also take less time to untangle if anything ever goes wrong.

  4. Only sell what the client needs.
    Not cookie cutters. No one size fits all. We have several solutions and supporting services that satisfy the needs of most small and midsize businesses, but we don’t do everything. We certainly won’t fix your WordPress site. So if that’s what you need, best of luck. We wouldn’t wish WordPress on our worst enemy.

It can be very hard to find a professional web design agency that puts your needs first. We even have a satire/comedy bit about the types of web designer’s you run into. The big companies are website factories and the smaller firms may fall short in certain areas of expertise or be hard to reach. Version2 is a small shop, not a factory. You'll always get expert help and a website that’s easy to live with from Version2.


Our History

Dan Johnson, founder of Version2, has been designing websites professionally since 1997. As an early Cincinnati web design agency, our team has a long history and has worked with a number of technologies, software, programming languages, and tools. We have built websites for small and big businesses, nonprofits, and government.  In short, no matter the message or technology, we help our clients get things done online.