Case Study: First View Sonography

First View SonographyLinda Gallagher wanted to formalize the training she had been doing for nurses in limited OB ultrasound. She had some ideas, but was just at the very beginning of starting her new business. Version2 helped workshop her new company name, a brand identity, and a website.

We went over dozens of ideas for a company name and domain name. It’s great for startups if you can find a good company name and an available domain name at the same time. While “ultrasound” is an established term in medicine, its definition is changing to refer more to the equipment and technicians than the operators and resulting images. “Sonography” is being used more to refer to the medical professionals and actionable medical images. We settled on for the domain name and the company name.

As this is OB specific training, Linda was hoping to incorporate a baby's footprint into the logo. She had provided a newborn’s ink footprint as reference. But ultrasound is something that happens before you can get a footprint. Since foot proportions change as you grow, I used the foot shape and proportions from an actual ultrasound image to be accurate. Ultrasound is also an interpreted image, not a photograph. We thought adding some noise or digital lines might convey that idea. We settled on a pattern of random triangles in a feminine color pallet. The result is an image that is digital but random, clear but made up of parts, clean, professional, contemporary, and a touch feminine.

Using the colors and triangle elements from the new logo design, an elevator site was the perfect introduction to her services for prospective clients. The site contains soft gradients, icons, and a testimonial slider. We also created letterhead and a template for a certificate that Linda could deliver to her clients upon completion of her course.

fvs website

fvs letterhead

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