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I had this idea back during the first web-tech bubble of the early 2000s. Generic (but clearly technical) companies were constantly popping up. I was also inspired by the movie Office Space and the company names "Initech" and "Initrode," which was mistakenly called "Penetrode" at one point.

Companies like this always seemed to follow the precedent created by Microsoft. Putting two things like "Micro" and "Soft" together. I wrote down every prefix and suffix I could think of. my background i physics really paid off here. There's are a ton of the prefixes and suffixes in science. I came up with 70+ of each. Some of the terms might be a bit of a stretch.. but they make as much sense as any other company name. I'm sure there are plenty more prefixes and suffixes out there that I could have added.

I came across my old notes on the idea and thought I could easily make the name-generator work with a little JavaScript and CSS3. There are more than 5,000 possible combinations. Sometimes it generates the names of companies that already exist... which is pretty funny. :) 

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