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WordPress is a Crime

WordPress is a bad decision for most businesses. Yet, the vast majority of web developers push WordPress on their clients. They should know better. WordPress developers either don’t know what they are doing or are knowingly pushing bad solutions onto their clients…which makes them crooks.

Eating My Own SEO Dog Food

I've loved the expression "eating your own dog food" since I first heard about it being used at Microsoft. It means that if you are going to expect people (or dogs) to use your product, you had better be willing to use it yourself. 

I've known how to do SEO for years, but this is my first really big push into an extended SEO strategy. And it's the results of experimenting on myself.  So here's a little of my SEO data and experiences from 2021. I've learned a lot about what works.
Spoiler alert: It takes a lot of effort.