Case Study: Madison Park Productions


While the site we originally built for MadPark was super-stylized and functional for the day, lately it's been showing its age. Maybe Flash isn't the best way to deliver audio anymore?

Rob Currens was so pleased with original design of the site he wanted as little changed as possible during the overhaul. The original aesthetic was kept, along with the general layout as much as we possibly could. This includes photos of Cincinnati taken by Currens for the headings of the pages.

The new design does away with table-based layout and Flash audio players. The new site is built on a customized responsive framework and has a unique resizing header with a sliding background to adapt perfectly to any size screen. Google Fonts are a necessary part of the overhaul and provide a polished finishing touch.

Being an audio recording studio, the priority had to be showcasing the work they do at MadPark. Using a blend of HTML5 and Javascript, a new stylized embedded audio player has all the features of the Flash player that is being replaced.

The new version of the site keeps all the good stuff while adding the functionality that you can't do without in 2019.

It's the grand re-opening  of

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