Case Study: CJ Dog Trainer

CJ has an impressive resume including years of experience or working with exotic animals. But these days her attention is focused on our everyday companions. With a little guidance and understanding she can make the lives of dogs and their human roommates much better.

After three years of tinkering with a site, the company message had become pretty refined. It was time to clean up the brand and the presentation. 

CJ had some ideas about the logo design and presented us with a few sketches. One of these sketches had real promise. It had a great blend of iconic understanding and whimsy. It screams “dog” and is very strongly branded. Also the “muddy” design implies that they can help with an out of control pup.

For a website, this was a perfect candidate for an Elevator Site. The site was already only 4 conventional pages in size. We reviewed the content and then suggested a new way to organize it. 

Our first principal of website information design is to be perfectly clear. To answer the question ”what is this?” as quickly as possible.  Thanks to the clarity of the name “CJ Dog Trainer” all we had to do was to mention the core services, Daycare, Training, and Boarding in bold letters at the top. 

The second principle we recommend is answering a common question visitors will have, “What makes you special/ Why should I care?”  For CJ, we suggested we focus on her dedication to positive reinforcement and developing a bond with the animals in her care. 

Even though it's a single-page site, the site is clearly organized and broken up with color, icons, and big-text. It’s a huge improvement over what she had before and one less thing for her to worry about as she’s plenty busy turning rowdy mongrels into sweet doggies.

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