New Brand! New Website! New Solutions!

A year in the making, the new Version2 is finally here!

Version2 is still a custom web design and development studio, but now we have a few cool options for small budgets.

It's always been our job to help businesses get things done online. But affordable solutions for small business have always been elusive.

There are lots of "Website Builders" out there that are inexpensive but they take time and expertise that most small businesses have in short supply. If you happen to have a little budget to work with you might hire a designer. They'll set you up with WordPress promising you can make updates yourself... But WordPress takes tons of management and is complex enough you'll probably be calling your designer every time you need to make a change.

What if we really cut it down to the essentials?

Announcing Elevator Site

Elevator Sites are modern, mobile-friendly, SSL encrypted, single-page sites that cost just $400 to make. These aren't cookie-cutter sites either. They're no based on a template... more like a scaffold. Our designer use your colors, and images, custom design the layout to your needs. We can incorporate Google Fonts, FontAwesome Icons, and virtually any 3rd party tool that can be embedded into a website. We've already come up with some pretty neat solutions that really leverage the platform. We're very excited about what we can do on a small budget.
But what about adding more pages and a blog?

Announcing 2D Site

2D Sites provide all of the essentials of a modern CMS (Content Management System) without all the bulk and headaches. Rather than the overhead of a database running on a web server, 2D Sites use flat-file data storage to manage content. (Flat = 2D. Aren't we clever!) The result is a lightweight, low maintenance system where you can update content, add pages, blog posts and even update galleries of images! It's a fantastic solution for small-midsize operations that want to maximize their website efforts without the headaches. And we love 2D Site. We're using it on this website!

We're still making all the web magic we've been doing for years. We've just learned some new tricks.

We make websites so you don't have to.

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