Introducing Elevator Site!

Version2 has (and always will be) a custom webshop. But it's become painfully obvious that there are a lot of situations where both custom sites and even do-it-yourself website tools just aren’t a good fit.
With short attention spans and people using phones to browse the web more than computers, there really is a need for something modern, easy, and cheap that can be ready quickly.

Presenting Elevator Site 

Elevator Site is a way to get a killer single-page site that's well built, mobile friendly, SSL protected, with quality hosting and access to a real-live web developer. Design wise it's customizable with two master layouts, a logo (or whatever), images, text, colors and Google fonts. Plus you can embed almost anything: youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram, contact forms, blog feeds, eCommerce shopping carts, ebay store feeds, maps, calendars, and on and on.

It's an inexpensive solution that can be ready in a few days. You don't need to learn WordPress or Wix. You also have someone you can call when you have a question. It's cheap, simple and has only what you really need.

Now Elevator Site isn't going to be a good fit for every project, but it's perfect for small businesses, pet projects for big businesses, and promoting smaller things like a garage band. And if you're in the middle of designing an epic website, consider Elevator Site the most awesome coming soon page ever.

If you want to get an old website back in shape so that it meets the needs of 2019 including mobile friendliness and SSL encryption, then take a look at Elevator Site. It's incredibly easy, affordable, and you’ll have an expert help so you can keep working on your real job.

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