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    Version2 is an insighful web studio that creates custom web solutions for our clients.

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Let go of yesterday.

The web is hyper-disruptive—standards and best-practices are always changing. Don't ignore the past, but don't rely on old tactics working today. You have to be open to new ideas and new ways of working if you want to stay competitive...or even relevant. Today is a chance to make something amazing; to be more; to create version2 of what you were yesterday.


What’s new

Major Changes! - 11/7/19

Lot's of internal happenings over here at The Two. Elevator Site has given us and businesses of all sizes (especially small businesses) a real way to get a quality online footprint  for minimal cash....


Introducing Elevator Site! The Quick, Affordable website solution! - 9/30/19

Version2 has (and always will be) a custom webshop. But it's become painfully obvious that there are a lot of situations where both custom sites and even do-it-yourself website tools just aren’t a good fit.  ...


Madison Park Productions in the 21st Century! - 4/7/19

While the site we originally built for MadPark was super-stylized and functional for the day, lately it's been showing its age. Maybe Flash isn't the best way to deliver audio anymore?...


Tiny Agency

Version2 is a small shop with big skills. We are experts on web communication. We distill your message to its essence and craft a campaign and marketing strategy that hits home. It doesn't matter if it's a big campaign or a small one—you'll get results and a personal touch with version2. So get off the assembly line and get something great.

Twenty + years

Version2, LLC is the web agency created by Dan Johnson. Dan has been figuring out how to make the web work for small business, big business, and organizations of all sizes since rainbow gifs were cutting edge. But it hasn't just been about the web. Our team has experience with marketing, brand development, data analysis, tradeshows, email systems, and has even built a specialized CMS from the ground up. We've helped our clients get what they need in ways we never imagined we would. Here's to another twenty years!

Are those videos or what?

The animations above are intricate animated gifs called cinemagraphs. They are created from a video (or from scratch in Photoshop) and use a largely still image with small areas of motion. Kinda cool that you can create something new with twenty year old tools and a little imagination.

Let's get started on your version2.


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