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Simplify, then add lightness.
- Colin Chapman
Founder of Lotus

There is a lot of bloated garbage on the Internet these days. At Version Two, we’ve learned we can make better, faster, more elegant solutions by writing code from scratch rather than trying to force a "standard" monster (like WordPress) onto our clients. But we don’t believe in pushing any specific technology either. You can count on us to make recommendations based on our experience and your specific situation. We use existing tools when possible so we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel and we always strive to create a solution that is easy for you to live with.  

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Version Two is a Cincinnati web design agency dedicated to creating elegant, effective, low-maintenance solutions for our clients. Sometimes what our clients need is simple. Other times, it requires inventing something never thought of before. Regardless, Version Two is about making our client’s web-based needs a reality.

A Cincinnati web design studio focused on the needs of small businesses.

We’ve worked with big businesses and created some enormous web projects. We’ve also experienced the cliché of working for a big corporation only to have big projects suddenly pulled away. (This happens all too often to small creative shops and can be devastating.) We’ve found that working with small businesses on their websites is more stable and more fulfilling. We form stronger relationships and make a real difference in how these companies leverage the web. If you’re a company of 1 or 100, give us a call. We’d love to use what we’ve learned about the web to help you.

Web design options for every need and budget.

A good website is critical to all businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, small businesses and independent projects have had terrible options for creating a web presence. The build-it-yourself options are hard to work with even if you’re a professional designer and the big CMS options like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla need a full-time IT guy just to keep them running.

elevator site | affordable web design

A high-quality, low-cost alternative to the build-it-yourself options. Small businesses work harder than anyone. Why waste precious time learning an inane set of tools when you can have an Elevator Site? Elevator Sites are savvy, hand-customized sites that are spectacularly affordable starting at $600. Learn more at elevatorsite.com.

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2D Site

2D Sites are built on a flat-file framework. They have all of the core features you’d expect from a CMS: the ability to add/remove pages, post to a blog, add images to a slideshow, and edit your SEO info. But 2D Sites also have gigantic improvements in simplicity and security vs. the management nightmares that you get with the big CMS platforms. We believe 2D Site is just a better way to build a website.

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Janitor of the Internet.

Janitor of the InternetWe clean up web messes.

The Internet is packed with the dusty remains of once-bold plans. But time marches on and cyberspace (remember cyberspace?) advances incredibly quickly. If your site isn’t being regularly updated to avoid hacking, isn’t mobile friendly, or isn’t being delivered with a padlock in the address bar, then we should talk about a fix for you.

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