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Website Design & Web-Based Presentations

Great websites aren’t just pretty. Websites are tools that solve problems and improve the way a company or organization functions. They communicate effectively and provide access to the information and tools that help people get things done.

Kentucky Teacher of the Year

We’ve managed the website for this annual event since 2010. Its current iteration, sponsored by Valvoline, is responsive with a number of interactive features that allow visitors to view photos and videos, as well as nominate a teacher regardless of the device they use.

Solenis Awards

A website for the awards ceremony recognizing leaders within the Solenis global organization. The design is highly responsive with multiple breakpoints, ensuring a maximized presentation on any screen size. The site also makes heavy use of CSS transitioning, creating an interactive presentation with minimal use of JavaScript or proprietary technology.

Madison Park Productions

Madison Park Productions are experts in all things audio—analog, digital, original music, voice over, and foreign language translation. Just try to stump Rob and his crew of audio wizards. Madison Park Productions has been part of our extended team of creatives forever and we are honored to have built their website. The website was recently renovated to incorporate responsive design and do away with Flash audio players.

Valvoline Earth Day

Promoting environmental awareness, activity, and philanthropy, the Valvoline Earth Day website showcases this initiative with an environmental quiz and a poll of employees the world over on how to spend a $10,000 donation to environmental charities. The site also highlights the global Earth Day efforts of staff members doing area cleanups, recycling, reducing consumption and waste, as well as planting trees..


SiteTogether is a built-from-scratch CMS/web management solution designed specifically to manage the challenges faced by YMCAs. With multiple branches and hundreds of classes and programs, YMCAs have an enormous amount of information to keep updated. The nature of the YMCA’s mission to welcome everyone means they need a site that works for everyone regardless of platform, browser, or even language. The SiteTogether system created by version2 empowers Y staff to update their own content in a safe and convenient way while having experts on call to help when needed.

Case Study: SiteTogether

YMCAs have a ton of information to keep updated online. Most of this has to do with the hundreds of classes offered at each branch. Keeping all this information current is a huge job. Historically, this information was only available in one place: the printed Program Guide. Gathering the info for this publication took months. The content would trickle in from dozens of staff members via emails, spreadsheets, and scraps of paper. SiteTogether turns this excruciating process into an advantage.

SiteTogether empowers all YMCA staff members to update their own information. A quick login and drill down, and they can enter the schedule for their next month, or even year of classes. Branch managers can upload pool schedules and post other updates. All of this happens without worry about “messing up” the website. There are dozens of other features too. If you’re curious, please check it out.

Brand Development

A good logo isn't just a creative layout, it says something (often intangible) about a brand. Conveying the ideals that surround a brand into a single symbol is a fascinating exercise in minimalism. You strip away all the irrelevant things and represent the core message as clearly and elegantly as possible.

Logo Designs

Your logo isn’t your brand, but it’s hard to have a good brand without a good logo. We create professional logos that work in all media, retain their legibility in all resolutions, and say something insightful about the company or product through the use of color and shape.

Example: Fresh Traditions

Castellini approached us to develop a brand for fresh, authentic recipe salsa. We were given complete control over the look and name of the product line. We brainstormed names, cross-checked trademarks, and presented our reccomendations for the product name, After several rounds of logo and label design, we finally had created a set of easy-to-identify color-coded labels for the eight varieties that ended up on grocery store shelves.


We have been fortunate enough to work with some spectacular new web-based 3D technology. Originally developed for doing real-time renders of architectural buildings, this technology uses HTML5’s webGL standard with amazing results. That means it creates stunning 3D environments and objects that you can move through, including virtual presentation environments that will run in any browser, and even works on iPads! We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with this tech. So please reach out. We’d love to make something amazing for you.

Ashland Automotive Composites

Built for tradeshows and online deployment, this presentation illustrates how modern composite materials can replace steel to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency.

Univar Tradeshow

Built exclusively for giant, vertically-oriented touch screens at tradeshows, this presentation allows passersby to interact with 3D renderings of virtual products. Touching the screen, users can see products and details about how each can assist in the making of their own goods.

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